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Clean energy program providers are being challenged to meet higher goals, achieve more ambitious objectives and efficiently utilize greater resources than ever before. Clean energy programs must reach more customers, save more energy and become more cost effective.

New technologies can help us meet these new goals, but we need new ways of thinking and working even more. Clean energy program providers must work better with industry to make effective, reliable products available; get better at delivering efficiency measures to program participants, and better understand the way participants use those measures in their homes and at their jobs.

Grasteu can help you build better clean energy programs. We apply our extensive background in technology assessment and technical specification design to help achieve measureable savings. We also recognize that the way in which people interact with technology is affected by many factors. We incorporate the research from commercial marketing and community-based, social marketing approaches in our program designs. We believe that successful clean energy programs should strive for high levels of cost-effectiveness, and be easy, fun and popular for participants.

With Grasteu Associates’ help you can be confident in the clean energy measures you promote, and will recruit participants as program partners and co-promoters.

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Grasteu Associates offers:

  • Innovative Programs to bring new, more effective techniques and technologies for delivering mesureable energy efficiency,
  • Expert Analysis provide economic and engineering insight for comprehensive program planning, and
  • Practical Perspective that come from 25 years of developing and implementing clean energy program tools